This or that brain area? The neural correlates of beauty

In the article that I recently published in Behavioural Sciences, I discussed the role of two main areas that seem equally involved in the experience of beauty: the middle orbitofrontal cortex (mOFC) and the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (dLPFC). It may seems pointless to discuss the role of one or the other brain structure in such a complex domain of study, particularly because at the present time we are looking at the brain areas as network rather than in isolation.

Nonetheless, the neuroimaging literature in the field of aesthetics seems to be divided in two “schools”: one consistently producing results highlighting OFC’s role and the other the importance of the prefrontal cortex. I therefore decided to discuss the role that these two brain structures have in aesthetics as well as in other cognitive domains.

Who is the winner? The result of my research argues that the aesthetic experience results from the activity of the mOFC. As this paper is open access (you can download the article by clicking on the image below), I leave it to you to consider whether the conclusions I reached are sound and reasonable.

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